30 June 2011


I am new to modern quilting so I want to begin my written journey with gratitude to the women & men who are kindly sharing their adventures in quilting. Initially, I want to use this space to acknowledge these sewists, these designers' contribution to my journey.

Several months ago I was struggling with finishing a very composed generous twin quilt for my GREAT nephew, machine pieced, hand quilted (70x94 finished). I grew tired of the design. I was sad that the quilt lack synergy--where the quilt gets better with every step you complete. It is still a lovely quilt, but it, & its production, just didn't inspire me. So I googled; I went to the library. (We have a fabulous library in our town, comfortable chairs, coffee with lids for the cups, free movies, smart librarians (never met one who wasn't).

I was looking for inspiration. I want this phase of my quilting to be about identifying and thanking all people & schools of thought that inform my choices and my process.

Best wishes to all as I begin.